The World GT Championship has a few sponsorship opportunities for the right companies, but why would you want to get involved? How would it benefit you?



Our drivers are dedicated to the series, to iRacing and to sim racing as a whole.


The roster includes; several “Pro” drivers within the iRacing service, multiple real world drivers, and many popular Twitch and YouTube streamers as well.


Broadcast Reach

Each round of the WGTC is covered live by the best broadcasting company in sim racing; Apex Racing TV. Broadcast views are around 1,000 per round (and expected to grow significantly).


Website Reach

www.wgtc.uk with nearly 1500 monthly page views is a high traffic destination for sponsors to be seen. The average site visitor “hangs out” on the site for over 5 minutes and consumes nearly 7 page views per visit. This is an excellent opportunity to put your products and your brand in front of serious sim racers.


Social Media Reach

Facebook Group - 279 members and growing

WGTC Facebook Page - 160 likes and growing (recently created)

WGTC Instagram - 162 followers and growing (recently created)

What’s available?

We are looking for; Series Sponsor. We’d like to work with you to design a creative, robust package to give your brand the additional exposure it deserves.


Would you like to see your company name attached to any of our great races? We can do that!

Would you like to see a promotional video (commercial) for your company played during any of our  15 live broadcasts throughout the year?


Would you like to offer your products or services to our drivers as a performance reward? Or on a trial basis?


Would you like your logo and slogans to be seamlessly integrated into our web presence at wgtc.uk? We can do that!


Bottom line, if you are interested in expanding your reach, The World GT Championship would love to work with you.


Contact Us

Email - matt.bunn89@gmail.com