WGTC Season 9 - Registration OPEN!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

12 Rounds | 36 Races | Broadcast | Trophies | Prizes

How to Sign-Up

Head over to our the website and go to the "Sign Up" area using the main menu at the top of the page.

Existing Driver = sign ups open now!

Public sign ups open 21st Dec

Championship Details

Cars - Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, McLaren, BMW, Ford and Lamborghini GT3s

Race Day - Mondays (3x weeks racing, 1x week break rotation)

Time Of Event (UK time) - Practice 17:30, Qualifying 19:30, Race 1 20:05

Format - 4x Sprint race weeks (3x20m), 4x Feature Race weeks (2x40m, 1x pit) 4x Endurance race weeks (1x1hr45m, 2x pits)

Entry Fee - £40 for the entire season (contact admin for payment details)

Broadcasting - Racespot TV

For more detailed info please read the Season 9 Rulebook here