Season 6 - Preview Part 3

In part three of our Season 6 preview we take a look at another six teams that are competing this season. Three PRO teams (TX3 by Thrustmaster, Radicals Online MOATF & Radicals Online Turn Racing) and three PRO-AM teams (Radicals Online Simmortal, Team MAD & Simmortal SmileTime).

TX3 by Thrustmaster

PRO Team

Created in 2006, 2 teams participating in the iRacing GT World Championship.

French competitive team on iRacing Forza Pcars GTurismo

In 2006 the "TEAM TX3" was released on xbox360.

In 2018 the team made an alliance and teamed up with Team LDLC to professionalize our pilots.

Present on the car simulation games: Assetto Corsa, Forzamotorsport 7, Project Cars 2, Iracing, Gran turismo Sport, WRC and Dirt

Aim: Win


Thibault Cazaubon (PRO)

Thibault started sim racing in 2016 on Project Cars 1 on PS4, competing in the ESL championships mainly. He has been with TX3 since he started at the age of 14 years. In 2017 he started on iRacing where he won a few seasons in IMSA and LMS for his debut. In teams he has been successful as well, 3rd place in SCO 2018 in the GTE, P2 in split 1 of the 24H of Le Mans 2017, and now in 2019 he is participating in the World GT Championship.

Aim: Win

Arthur Lehouck (PRO)

(2017) 24h of Le mans 2nd in LMP1 top split

2nd Petit Le mans GTE top split

3rd at SCO overall GTE

First WC this year with GTE

Aim: To win the team championship

Maxime Brient (PRO)

Few podiums in NEO Endurance, Winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans 2018 in LMP2

Aim: To finish on the podium in the drivers championship and to win the team championship

Radicals Online

The Radicals Racing Team is an international virtual racing team, founded in September 2008, competing at the top end of sim racing for that whole time!

Radicals Online MOATF

PRO Team

The team is a collaboration between Radicals and MOATF

Radicals Online MOTAF, Team Fletcher, Mark And Billy, First year running in the Radicals team, looking at making some strong finishes, working as a team without taking each other out.

Aim: Work together to achieve the best results


Mark Fletcher (PRO)

LFS and then iracing since 2009, had a bit of a gap but is now fully committed to sim racing, No major honors to speak of so far, however did qualify for SCO 2019 in the AM car

Aim: TOP 15 and epic race craft

Billy Fletcher (PRO)

10 months on Iracing. Multiple IMSA and ILMS wins

Aim: Top 20

Ben Hackeson (PRO)

6 years experience across iRacing and rFactor

BOSRA GT GT3 Champion

Club 73 Kia Champion

2x Pro-AM team champions BSRTC

10 BSRTC wins

4th place Season 5 of WGTC

Aim: Battle the pros at the front. Maybe top 5 finish for championship, but it's a very strong field this year.

Radicals Online Turn Racing

PRO Team

Christian and Laszlo will be representing Radicals Online partnership with Turn Racing in the Porsche RSR.

Aim: Finishing every race, because every point is important in a long championship!


Laszlo Kotrocz (PRO)

Lots of race in LFS and iRacing

Aim: Laszlo will try to finish in the top ten at the end of the season.

Christian Challiner (PRO)

3 years in the eNPAiS WC series on the oval side, top 10 in points twice, 2 failed attempts to qualify for GT Endurance WC.

Aim: Have fun, make friends, learn.

Radicals Online Simmortal


Rob and Marco representing a Radicals partnership with Simmortal in the BMW M8 GTE.

Aim: To compete for the PRO-AM team championship


Macro Mogren (PRO) -

Rob Cuss (PRO-AM)

Finished 15th Top split Indy 500, P4 Neo Petit Le Man in LMP, and Neo Pro -Am winner back when Rob used to race more often. Nowadays Rob manages Radicals Online.

Team MAD / Simmortal Smiletime


Team MAD was founded in 2015 and has steadily grown over the years and now consists of 19 drivers from across Europe. Team MAD participates in road and oval, sprints and enduro’s and occasionally leave iRacing behind for some banter elsewhere. The team members focus mostly on the team aspect, no one is considered purely on pace alone. They put a lot of emphasis on teamwork and the faster people supporting those that need a bit of help getting up to speed. In doing so they have been able to compete (up front) in the BSRTC, Majors series, NEO endurance series and off course the WGTC to name a few.

Aim: Fight for the PRO-AM Championship with both teams

Team MAD


Chris Wood (PRO)

BSRTC ProAm Champion, and Team Champions 2018 with Team MAD, BSR Simmortal Porsche Cup Pro Champion 2018 with Team MAD, World GT Championship Season 5 AM Team Champions 2018 With SmileTime Racing.

Aim: Top 20 finish if not then Top 30

Mark Woodhouse (PRO-AM)

I started sim racing in 2016 in the Kia Club Series as a bit of a backmarker. In 2017 Mark was lucky enough to join Team MAD in the BSRTC championship and with their help and support I've been able to steadily improve as a driver year on year. Mark joined the WGTC part way through season 2 and I've enjoyed racing here ever since.


WLSR Club 73 Season 1 Pro Class Champion

WGTC Season 4 AM Champion

WGTC Season 4 Admins driver of the season

WGTC Season 4 Apex driver of the season

BSRTC 2018 AM Team Champions

WGTC Season 5 AM Team Champions

Aim: This is going to be the toughest Pro-Am season to date and with so many strong drivers in there he thinks a top 10 finish would be a good achievement. If Mark can get some good results and stay out of trouble then he would like to think a top 5 finish could be possible.

Miguel Freitas (PRO-AM)

Miguel has been simracing since 2013 when he started in simraceway with a mouse and keyboard. After making some money on the sunday events he invested in a DFGT wheel and thats been his wheel of choice since. My favourite type of cars have always been FWD and he has had some championship wins in Mini Cup and Clio Cup competitions on rFactor.

Moved to iRacing and joined team MAD racing the Jettas and Kias. Recently the team have been pushing themselves and manage to qualify for NEO endurance series where they finished p8 in the LMP2 class, qualifying them for the next season

Aim: Fighting for the Top 10 on the championship, and have 3 podiums by the end of the season.

Simmortal Smiletime

Ashley Blake-Hood (PRO-AM)

BSRTC S8 Am Champion, Radical Racing UK Truck Series 2015 S3 Champion

Aim: To learn how to go fast again

Jeroen Keizer (PRO-AM)

Joined iRacing in 2012, focusing on oval racing until he joined BSRTC in 2013. Went on to become more of a road racer and won the BSRTC team championship in S5 and S6. Joined Team MAD in 2016 and won the club series team championship on the first try.

Aim: Top 3 in the AM's championship and winning the team championship

Michael Blake (PRO-AM)

Owner of Simmortal Models.

2011 HCR