Season 5 review

The build up to season 5 was a hype train! Videos and Snapshots of the preseason testing suggested we were going to have one hell of a season, and did we ever.

We saw the return of 2 past driver champions as the temptation of racing in the WGTCs sprint/enduro combination was too great to pass up. Several new drivers and teams emerged and also took to the grid as they competed for the season 5 honors. The PRO and AM categories on paper were the strongest we had seen and it was shaping up to be a season which would be close throughout.

In the PRO category it came down to 2 teams and their respective drivers. The drivers title ended up becoming a duel between Carl Jansson of CoRe SimRacing and Christian Rose of CQR Racehub. Carl managed to maintain his lead going into the last round and with a solid final meeting won the drivers title for the second time in WGTCs History

The PRO teams title throughout the entire season was a 2 horse race. CQR Racehubs consistent results piloted by Christian Rose, David Baker and Josh Thompson secured the teams title for the 2nd time in 3 seasons ahead of a hard charging CoRe SimRacing.

The AM driver category was a very close affair throughout the season. Simon Underhill, Mark Woodhouse, Adam Hedgecock and Michael Blake began pulling away from the rest of the field and the mid point in the season and what ensued was a fantastic week on week battle. After some solid results from Michael and Simon unfortunately picking up a couple of penalties, Michael went on to be crowned the Am drivers title for the season.

Like the AM drivers title, the teams championship was also a very tight affair. Between Smile Time racing, CQR Tarkov, Simmortal and BooSTED with Savage Gaming. Smile Time driven by Paul Smith, Chris Wood and Mark Woodhouse managed to maintain their leading position going into the final round and were able to convert this into the AM teams title.

A big thank you to all the drivers, the stewards, the media team and of course our sponsors for supporting the series. Without you it wouldn’t happen. Season 6 sign ups will be open shortly. We hope to see on the grid in the not to distant future!

The Admin team