Season 6 - Preview Part 1

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

As we continue to near the start of Season 6 of WGTC, we welcome many new drivers and teams to the series. In a series of articles we will look a little closer at each team and individual drivers.

The entry list can be found here.

We start off by looking at one PRO and four PRO-AM teams as follows - KC Racing eSports, Texense FitzSty Motorsport, Brit-Tech Simsport & NOMAD Sim Racing.

KC Racing eSports

Pro Team

KC Racing eSports team was founded by a group of close friends based in Maltese. The drivers consist of both virtual and real racing drivers, working hard to make the team grow everyday. They focus on iRacing and participate in mostly endurance races.

Aim: They always aim to be on the top, when that's not possible the team always try to be consistent.


Keith Camilleri (PRO)

Keith has been sim racing for over 13 years and has won many races and championships across different simulators. Now he focuses on iRacing.

Aim: Always try to win the championship !

Brandon Tabone (PRO)

Brandon raced at the ADAC sim expo in 2018, P2 at the Team Brit 6hrs of Brand Hatch with his teammate Keith Camilleri, P3 split 3 in the Nordschleife 24hrs 2019 in collaboration with Progressive Sim Racing.

Aim: Brandon’s aim is to race clean and get maximum points as possible. He will be very happy with top 10, but knows it will be difficult due to the amount of very good drivers in this Championship.

Texense FitzSty Motorsport

Pro-Am Team

Texense FitzSty Motorsport was formed in 2016, they primarily are a GT and Prototype team who are aiming to be successful in the NEO Endurance Series, DGFX Racing Series and Sports Car Open. The team is managed by iRacing eSports Network Commentators Jack Styles and Sam FitzPatrick.


Lewis Bibby (PRO-AM)

Lewis raced in the first two seasons of the World GT, Kia club series and lots of BSR series.

Aim: Finish in the top 3 AMs and try to snag a reverse grid win!

Michael Evdoka (PRO)

GT Academy finalist 2014, Season 4 Euro V8 Champion, Daytona 24hr 2019 Split 5 winner, Sebring 12hrs Split 2 2017 winner and Split 3 2019 winner. GTE Podium in DGFX. Race Winner in WGTC.

Aim: Top 10 & Win a race

Ben Gregory (PRO-AM)

5+ years on iRacing, including 2 Indy 500 victories, 12 hours of Sebring outright win, Le Mans 24 hour 3rd outright, AM title in BSRTC, 2 WGTC wins

Aim: Winning or at least contending for the PRO-AM title

Brit-Tech SimSport


Brit-Tech SimSport is a brand new British based team founded in 2019. They are competing in a lot of iRacing Series races and trying to get as many special event in as possible to form a solid team moving forward.

Aim: The team aim is simple, to have fun! If they get some solid results along the way then that is always a bonus, but in general they want everyone to have fun and never feel under pressure meaning it’s a relaxed team environment.


Chris Daines (PRO)

iRacing since November 2017, IMSA Division 2 Champion Season 1 (2019), 7th Indy 500 (2019), 17th WGTC pro class Season 5.

Aim: Chris’s personal aim is to finish in the top 20. It's a challenging target and it will be a hard one to achieve, but he thinks he can achieve it.

Ethan James Bass (PRO-AM)

Sim Racing since 2010, Race Wins and Championship Victories in older Sims such as Race07, rFactor, GTR2 and Automobilista, but still learning and improving.

Aim: Consistent placing within the top half or quarter of the grid would be fantastic.

Danny Henney (PRO-AM)

Raced on PS4 for 15 years winning multiple competitions on Project Cars, converted to PC & VR in May 2018 on iRacing. Recently Danny has been focusing on Formula Renault 2.0 and as of July 2019 leading Division 2 and in top 5 overall.

Aim: Finish in the top 30 in the championship

NOMAD Sim Racing

NOMAD is a sim racing team formed in 2017 by a group of, well, NOMADs. After their previous team unexpectedly decided to disband, the NOMADs decided to start their own with some clear focusses on Endurance, Teamwork, Improvement and Enjoyment. They race almost exclusively on iRacing, and aim to do well in the special event endurance races, as well as the shorter official races throughout every week.

NOMAD Sim Racing Black

Pro-AM Team

Aim: Built on Teamwork, enjoy the Championship and aim for a Top 5 finish in the Team standings


Tony Baird (PRO)

3 years of sim racing

Aim: Hopefully in the top 5 championship as a team and hopefully in the top 20 as individual standings

Simon Underhill (PRO-AM)

WGTC Season 4 3rd place AM driver

WGTC Season 5 2nd place AM driver

Bathurst 12hr 2018 - Winning Team

Aim: Finish in the top 30

Jason Dilworth (PRO-AM)

Jason has been running NOMAD with Simon and Tony for the past few years and we’re starting to feel like a team that can challenge for results - if not always on pure pace, then on consistency and strategy.

Aim: Consistent top 10s overall, and getting the hang of reverse grids.

NOMAD Sim Racing White

Pro-AM Team

Aim: Build on Teamwork, enjoy the Championship and aim for a Top 5 finish in the Team standings

Barry Baird (PRO)

1st 12hr Bathurst 2018 Merc GT3

3rd 12hr Sebring 2018 Corvette

1st 2019 24hr Daytona Split 3 DP

1st 2019 12hr Bathurst Split 4 Merc GT3

Aim: To finish inside the TOP 10 and achieve some podiums

Niklas Hjelm (PRO-AM)

10 years+ iRacer

Aim: Win the PRO-AM championship.

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