Season 6 - Preview Part 2

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

In part two of our Season 6 preview we take a look at six teams that are competing in the upcoming season.

These range from a PRO World Championship team, to a team just beginning their sim racing adventure.

Within this article we take a closer look at three PRO teams (Thrustmaster Mivano Racing, VRacer & RKE & TRN eSports) and three PRO-AM teams (XVR Sim Racing, Team GB eSports & Yearone Fury Simsport).

Thrustmaster Mivano Racing

PRO Team

Mainly an endurance based team competing in the GT world championship in 2019 along with success in NEO and SCO.

Aim: Develop various race craft techniques and awareness in situations which could happen in other major events along with winning both the driver and team championships


Josh Thompson (PRO)

Special event success from the world tours, P4 overall in Mclaren Shadow project 2018, along with various success in leagues within iRacing and competing in the VRS GT World Championship 2019

Aim: Redemption after last season. Win against the strongest grid which the series has ever had.

Mike Partington (PRO)

McLaren Shadow P2 (2018)

iRPS P10 (2018)

VRS GT World Championship Driver (2019)

Aim: Mike’s aim is to win both drivers and team championship.


PRO Team

International Simracing team competing on multiple simulation platforms such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and DiRT.

Aim: To win the team championship and have their drivers be contesting for individual honours.


Jack McIntyre (PRO)

Jack has 14 years sim racing experience

eRace of Champions 2018/19 semi finalist

3x BSR MX5 Champion

Want2Race & JMR Scholarship grand finalist.

Aim: Jack is aiming to finish in the top 5 in the championship, however, as the only Ford driver he knows this will be a challenge.

Ross Macfarlane (PRO)

Ross has been sim racing on/off for 10 years.

Multiple Assetto Corsa Championship wins as a Driver and with Teams.

ACC SRO GT eSports Series Finalist - Monza 2019

BSRTC: AM 2nd - 2017, PRO 3rd - 2018. Winter Series Champion 2017

WGTC: 3rd Drivers/1st Teams - Season 2, 5th Drivers - Season 5.

Aim: Ross hopes to continue his qualifying pace and be ultra competitive against the PRO drivers and score highly and consistently to aid the Team Championship.

Stephen Baxter (PRO)

BSR Formula Renault AM champion and Pro Team champions 2017.

BSRTC Am champion 2017.

Currently racing in the BSRTC Pro series in the kia with VRacer at the top of the team standings.

Aim: Steve is new to the Ferrari GTE car and the GTE class in general, whilst adapting he expects it will take a while to understand the cars weakness and strength. Consistency is the key to any of these big league reverse grid races, and picking your battles on the track is a major part of it.

He always looks to score for the team first and himself second. With that frame of mind you will always do well in the drivers championship.

RKE & TRN eSports

PRO Team

Partnership between TRN and RKE. The team is formed by a group of dedicated Teamfight Tactics players who decided to try out iRacing!

Aim: The team would like to finish in the top half of the AM championship. Nevermind the PRO class!


Marko Nurmela (PRO)

Little over a year sim experience.

Aim: Marko has entered this season with the aim to win the team title and hopes on challenging the top guys in drivers championship.

Brian Lockwood (PRO)

2017 Mazda #mrt24 finalist, 2018 Mazda Hot Lap Challenge finalist, 2018 S1 champion of the 2K World Cup in skippies.

Aim: Gain some experience :)

XVR Sim Racing

Pro-AM Team

XVR formed from a bunch of friends with a common interest sim-racing on PS4. They’ve now grown to be a professional sim racing team who compete on iRacing on PC. XVR Sim Racing pride themselves on being clean, professional racers who aim to have fun!

Check out how they get on by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Aim: Challenge for PRO-AM Championship


Rich Warmingham (PRO)

Euro V8 Season 5 Club Champion

Season 5 AM team championship in WGT

2nd in split 5 of recent Watkins 6hrs official iRacing endurance

Aim: To finish in the top 15 - 20 considering the strength of the field

Mike Gray (PRO-AM)

Mike is pretty new to sim racing. So far he hasn’t received a penalty in his one and a half seasons in the WGTC and would like to be considered as a clean, fair racer.

Aim: Mike’s aim is to challenge for the AM title to the best of his ability.

Team GB eSports


Team GB eSports is formed by a good bunch of guys from across Europe have joined together as mates to bring respect and friendship. The team if focussing on running mainly GT cars in multiple private series including Sim Racers World, Venomworks GTE alongside official VRS and ILMS sprint and endurance championships. They also enter all iRacing special events.

Aim: It's the teams first season in WGTC, so they’re just looking forward to the challenge and taking part.


John Tusting (PRO-AM)

John has lots of experience racing and started with a few older generation games such as Revs, Geoff Crammond's F1GP, GP2, Indianapolis 500. He then took a long sabbatical but has been iRacing for the last 18 months or so. Recently John finished the 2019 Le Mans 24 hours, which is an achievement in itself.

Aim: Show up, Finish Races, Don't do anything stupid.

Paul Gosling (PRO-AM)

Paul has over 30 years of Sim Racing and has been iRacing since 2014

Aim: Be consistent, fair and put on a good show.

Yearone Fury Simsport


Fury Simsport are a group of real world racers looking for their racing fix at home when not at a race weekend! They are a growing team looking to establish themselves in the best leagues and series iRacing has to offer.

Aim: The teams aim is to take each race one at a time and work their way up the grid and achieve top half results