Welcome to World GT Championship 'Hall of Fame' where we recognise all of our past WGTC champions. 

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David Baker

CQR Ultimate

Season 1 Drivers Champion 2017

Team Champions: CQR Ultimate

Nicol Foggie

Northern Lights Racing

Season 2 Drivers Champion 2017

Team Champions: Northern Lights Racing

Carl Jansson

Radicals Online JRT

Season 3 Drivers Champion 2018

Team Champions, CQR Racehub

Nicol Foggie

XVR Sim-Racing

Season 4 Pro Drivers Champion 2018

AM Drivers Champion: 

Mark Woodhouse, SmileTime Racing


Pro Team Champions: XVR Sim-Racing

AM Team Champions: XVR Green

Carl Jansson

CoRe SimRacing

Season 5 Drivers Champion 2019

AM Drivers Champion:

Michael Blake, Simmortal

Pro Teams Champions: CQR Racehub

AM Team Champions: SmileTime Racing

Keith Camilleri

KC Racing Esports

Season 6 Drivers Champion 2019

AM Drivers Champion:

Chris Wood, Team MAD

Pro Teams Champions: KC Racing Esports

Pro-AM Teams Champions: Team MAD

Pete Harrod

Simsports Racing USA

Season 7 Drivers Champion 2020

Pro-AM Drivers Champion:

Michael Horder, BooSTED Motorsport

AM Drivers Champion:

Craig Jones, SCC Racing

Pro Teams Champions: Texense Fitzsty Motorsport

Pro-AM Team Champions: BooSTED Motorsport